Before we start, please read the MISSION STATEMENT

I think it is important for me to make it clear that I think the music scene/community in Cyprus is NOT shit. I think it has a bad self-opinion and needs a swift kick in the ass, but I don’t think it is inherently as bad as most people seem to think. The potential that this island has to have one of the best, most prolific and influential music scenes on the planet is HUGE. In my opinion, Cyprus is on the verge of an artistic Revolution that could rival those in San Francisco or London in the 60s.
The fact is… Cyprus has some of the best musicians I have ever met. And, I am not just talking about technical skill and academic musical prowess! Those things, in my opinion, have very little to do with what makes a great musician, much less GREAT BANDS and ARTISTS! Being technically proficient at your instrument is of great benefit, but if that is all you are bringing to the ‘we are an original band writing original material’ table, you might as well stay in your bedroom making sure you can play every Satriani ostinato perfectly.
What makes great artists (yes, music IS an art!) is the ability to translate the emotions or ideas that we humans frequently share into their given medium in a manner that the audience feels is genuine and honest, hence evoking a visceral and emotional response.
Anyway, what I want to address in my column is what I see as ways to help bring the music scene/community together here in Cyprus, and perhaps break some of the metaphorical restraints that are keeping it from achieving its potential.
So, here we go…